Upcycled Wine Box Crates

I picked up some wine box crates at our local wine store, Barley and Vine, for $5 each and brought them home to make something fun with.  They are each so unique and possess such character.

I decided to redo a corner in our family room where I like to keep some of my “Favorites” so I cleared off the crowded black antique repainted desk of its clutter.

Then I stacked the crates and reorganized lots of my most loved thing.

I LOVE IT!  It was easy and fun.

And now a little about me and what these shelves so dearly hold…

I love to read!  My favorite book of all times is REBECCA by Daphne DuMarier.  I have bunches of copies.  This is my favorite OLD copy.  Sometimes I open it just to smell the pages.

I totally enjoy watching movies over and over again…sometimes just to hear the story while I am busy doodling with my Sharpie Markers!  Truth is I don’t have any idea how many times I have watched Rent but I can belt out every song.

I love mysterious ways of looking at our world including trying to read rune stones…which I keep in a special little heart box.  They were a gift from my Goddaughter and I think they are beautiful.

I love creative ways of putting words to feelings about life and the journey and I am on…

and I love WORDS…especially ones that remind me that it is okay to just “BE”.  The books in this crate are some of my journals filled with words and pictures.

The pictures are of my favorite people in the world…my two sons and almost stepdaughters, my niece and nephews and of course my Ryp and ME.  Yes, I am one of my favorite people.

I bet you have a wine store near you that has leftover box crates waiting for you to come in.  I say GO FOR IT!

Happy Creating and Upcycling and Loving (thing that are special starting with yourself!)


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