Shiny Egg of Tinfoil

Now this was a fun one…turning a ball of tinfoil into something bright and fun for Easter.

I think my little pink chickie is adorable in my beautiful daffodils that I got from my friend Suzanne!

And now, how you can do it yourself…   I took a piece of tinfoil and shaped into an egg.

Then I dipped it into Mod Podge and rolled it in little pieces of pink tissue.  To seal it all up and cover the entire surface, I used a brush to apply Mod Podge.


I also covered a surface of parchment paper with the same pink tissue paper to use for the chick’s wings.

I left it alone for a few hours so it could dry thoroughly then cut wings out of the dried parchment paper pink tissue with my Westcott scissors.

I then dug through my collection of buttons from Buttons Galore to find yellow ones to stack into legs and pink ones to use for polkadots.  I attached them with a hot glue gun and am happy to say that I did not burn my fingers this time around.

I cut a beak out of yellow grosgrain ribbon shaped like a diamond then folded it in half and glued it to the chick.  I also cut a short piece of pink and glued it on as a hanger.

And then last but not least, I used my favoritest permanent marker of all times, SHARPIE medium tip, and doodled on eyes.

Ta Da…a pink polkadotted chick!

Happy Getting Ready For Spring and Easter!


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