Fun in the Filming Studio

What can I say, I love Kirk and Jeff at MVP in downtown Cedar Rapids.  Being on set under bright lights feeling pressure has never been so fun.  Today was GREAT!

First we rearranged the set and got things ready.


Then added the details that make it special…and the supplies and materials for the day’s projects including Sharpie markers, Westcott scissors and the new kid of paint I really like, Americana by DecoArt!



Then Kirk messed around with the lights and the sounds to get it “just right”!

I filmed lots of great new episodes for expressionery, creating some super fun projects.  I wish I could share them with you but you will have to wait until editing is completed and they launch to find out what they are.  They are worth the wait.  HINT…save your old note cards and memo pads.  Super Hint, order something with the Paper Faces!

Meet the guys…Kirk is the filming dude and Jeff is the producer.  He looks like a producer, don’t you think?  They are both so much fun to work with.  I feel LUCKY!


I can share this…a before and after!  I LOVE SHARPIES!  That’s all I have to say about that for right now!  I think that a great big wall of white paper and a handful of Sharpie markers is like being reborn…an entire blank canvas to create your dreams.  That is what I did!  When this giant doodle grows into its destiny, I will write about the elements in it…can’t wait.




And after that it was time to head out for the weekend and spring break!!!  I left my pink boots in the studio where they live…until next time!

Have a great weekend!!!






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