My Creative and Crafty LOVELY Wedding

It has been a while since I last blogged.  I have been busy getting and being married!  I must share that every bit of planning the wedding weekend was fantastically fun because of the great friends I have that helped me along the way.  The wedding and the entire weekend were PERFECT!  I am posting to share some of the most memorable little pieces (photographed by Chris Jennings and Niki Meiners)  that all put together created a magical bunch of memories.  Enjoy!

It all started with an idea sketch.

Which turned into a live wedding party!


We made our table decorations using recycled food jars, pages from our favorite love stories, Mod Podge and raffia. Some were filled with flowers and some with sand and candles.  They were magical and just as beautiful for the breakfast the next morning as they were at the reception!

My friends at sent me an embosser of my new blended family and Grandma Helen used it to emboss LOTS of napkins for our reception and BRIGHT orange ones for our rehearsal at the North Carolina Aquarium!

We had a family blending ceremony and included ALL of our extended family members then filled up these handmade beaded jars to give them as a memory of our day.  Doro did a gorgeous job of beading all of the jars.

Of course my friends at Sharpie sent a really fun gift…CUSTOMIZED fine tip markers with my blended family on them…which we passed out and guests used to doodle in our guest book.

I totally and completed went crazy over our cake topper.  My CHA roommates and dear friends surprised me and not only showed up the wedding but contributed in so many ways.  Niki Meiners BAKED and decorated our cupcakes and cake with help from Carla Schauer and Jen Goode MADE the toppers…even using a piece of my real dress for my little version dress.  I LOVE MY FRIENDS!

We passed out water bottles on the beach throughout the weekend.  Suzanne Jennings, my BFF from Iowa, delabled and relabled cases of water and made them so cute!

I would have never made it without the love and support of our parents and my dear cousins Prill and Martin Kuhn.  Check out my plastic green and blue beaded necklace given to me by the Margeson girls to be my something blue.

I made personalized plates for all of the little people in the wedding party and they used them at the rehearsal dinner and the reception.  I so dearly love the kids in my life!

We made our beach flip flops to wear up until the ceremony and then we went barefoot.  Thank you AC Moore for having such great ribbons and such!  Of course I changed shoes for my magical first dance.   They were already broken in by Big Bunny!

For some extra family fun, we tie dyed on the beach on the day before the wedding.  RIT sent all of the supplies and it was a blast.  The funniest part of that experience was bleaching my feet to remove the BLUE stains after I spilled a bucket of dye on myself.  The ladies at the spa though I was a really silly bride.  Zoe loved her hat creation!

David Romanoff sent us FIFTY black beach buckets that would put to good use…filling them with goodies for our guests!

And the signs…oh the signs.  Jen did a fantabulous job on the signs for the little boys to carry down the aisle and start the processional!  Of course she used her best scissors by Westcott for all of the cutting that was to be done!

Doro created lovely flower bouquets and beautiful centerpieces.  She is so talented.

I printed our programs and got extra special assembly help from my boys.

Cheri spent hours fixing hair and creating beauty.  I made clips for the girls to wear in their braids!

My sister-in-law, Kelly, helped Zoe decorate her own flower girl basket…which ended up carrying not only flowers but her Big Bunny with her down the aisle.

Ryp’s brother, Derek, read ‘The Lovely Love Story’ in the ceremony.  We gave away signed copies because it is such a lovely love story.

And now here we go…living HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

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    The whole event was absolutely beautiful from start to finish. It was wonderful to watch your family blending and you’ve captured so many great moments from that weekend, thank you for sharing your day with us all!

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    Suzanne Jennings says

    What an amazing time our family had! We were thrilled and honored to be a part of this amazing day!!! We can’t wait to come back to North Carolina for more fun adventures! I think you need to “renew” your vows every summer so we can do this again and again! The fun must go on!!!!


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