Personalized DIY Wrapping Paper

Gifts are great.   Getting them is fun but giving them is the best…especially when they are wrapped special for the recipient.

My little friends came over today and both are celebrating birthdays so I got them doodle books and doodle supplies.  Of course, I added a McDonalds gift card to one because their mom (she shall remain nameless) does not take him there nearly as much as he would like.

I wrapped in butcher paper and painted their first initial on it with white folk art paint.  When it was dry I used my favorite Sharpie marker and outlined it then added a few little words.  I added some buttons from my Laura Kelly palette at Buttons Galore along with a ribbon.

Then I hot glued with my Adtech adhesives to get the art supplies to stay on the back of the packaging.

They LOVED them.  I love when kids are excited about creating!

Happy Birthdays and Every Days,

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