Decorating With Kids and Wax Paper Pumpkins

I love crafts that are fun to do with kids.  This one is fabulous fun and one where kids and grown ups can work together recycling used art supplies.  Melting old crayons and creating decorations is what is up for day 11 of Thirty Days of Halloween with Me, Laura (#30DaysOfHalloweenWithMe).

There are a few steps involved in this craft and you will need a few materials.  On the list of supplies is wax paper, old crayons, glue, scissors, buttons and an iron.  The first step is to peel and shave your crayons.

The second step it to use your shavings to lay out a pumpkin on a piece of wax paper, leaving lots of extra room around the edges.  Then you cover it with another piece of wax paper and hold a hot iron over it for a quick second or two.

And then you draw the outline with a Sharpie marker where you want to cut your pumpkin and cut it out with scissors.  Westcott’s scissors for kids are awesome!  Using Elmers glue, add button and let it dry.  I used my black buttons from my collection manufactured by Buttons Galore and More (Black Beauty).

Then you can hang it up to decorate.  It looks great in a window with light shining through.  You could get busy and make a whole patch!

Happy crafting with kids,



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    Beth Williams says

    Wish my grandchildren were closer-we would have so much fun doing this. My favorite thing about Halloween is decorating outside so I can see all the smiles on the children’s faces.


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