Craft Lightning – Make SPOOKY Halloween Treat Bags

It’s Craft Lightning Time Once Again!


This project is a great one for using your leftover scraps of paper, ribbon and assorted buttons to create a fun treat bag in a quick amount of time.

Lay your brown bags out flat.   Cut pumpkins, stems and leaves from your paper scraps and lay them out on the bags.

Cover the surface of a bag with Mod Podge with your paint brush.  Place the first layer of your pumpkin design on the wet Mod Podge.

Cover the entire surface again with Mod Podge.  Place your layers one at a time on top of each other, Mod Podging each time.

If you are creating stripes, place the strips on the pumpkin first with Mod Podge and then cut around the perimeter before placing as one layer on the bag.

Decorate your pumpkin designs with wire, buttons from Buttons Galore and More and ribbon.  If you have a hard time poking wire through the bag, push a large needle through first.

To make the signs, write your messages on orange paper with a Sharpie marker and then cut them out.  Cut paper with a pattern a little larger than the signs and use Mod Podge to adhere the message to the background.  Cover the surface with another layer of Mod Podge then glue the message rectangles to the wooden sticks.  Cover the wooden sticks with ribbon and buttons.

Fill the bags with crafty treats and place the signs in to create some Halloween fun!

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