My Halloween Movie Popcorn Box Party Post – A JackO Bag for Little Laura

HAPPY “Halloween Movie Popcorn Box Party”!  Putting this blog hop together has been SO MUCH FUN!

There are more than thirty designer participating and I am overwhelmed with the creativity and inspiration amongst my artistic friends in the DIY worlds.  For my popcorn box, I used Krylon spray paint, Rit dyed burlap trim (Cocoa Brown) and my Laura Kelly buttons in Forest Green.  I made a trick-or-treat bag for Little Laura, my very own “Me and My Peep” and she LOVES it.

I sprayed the box with several coats of Krylon Fusion in Pumpkin Orange then used hot glue to add the additional pieces to turn it into a jack-o-lantern bag.  I doodled the mouth with a Sharpie Paint marker.

Halloween time is so fun for snuggling up, eating candy and watching movies with family and friends.  If you want to win a Disney gift card for $100, you can enter here.

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Check out the creativity! There are LOTS of great popcorn boxes to see!

Happy Popping Around the Internet to Check Out the Other Boxes!


PS:  This is the last day of Thirty Days of Halloween With Me, Laura (#30DaysOfHalloweenWithMe).  It has been great fun.  Please go back the last 29 days of posts if you want lots of Halloween inspiration



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    Love that curly-q mouth! What a fun hop it’s been. Hopping I can hop around and see them all. Thanks for pulling it all together, Laura.

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