DIY Doll Skirts From Daddy’s Sleeves

We love to shop at Michaels!  Yesterday we went in for a few quick things and came out with a cart full of wonder including four bottles of Rit Dye!

For Doll Diaries today we posted a blog sharing the magic of creating matching scarves for girls and dolls that look like candy corn to kick off the Autumn season.

We didn’t want to throw the sleeves away so we used them to make skirts.

We bunched them up and rubber banded them into three sections then used Rit Dye to dye one third Tangerine and one third Lemon Yellow, leaving the middle white.  To gather in the waist we sewed the end of the sleeve to a headband from Michaels, bunching a little along the way.  Wa-Lah…an adorable skirt.

We also dyed cardboard pumpkin containers that we got at Michaels to change them from brown to orange in the Tangerine Dye.

We love to inspire so we added our Cre8time buttons to spread the magic of being cre8tive.

Happy Dyeing Up Some Autumn Fun,





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