Frankenstein Treat Box

I created this little treat box to be a Frankenstein so it could hold a little surprise for a Halloween gift.  Right now it is holding candy but I am thinking that my boys would much rather have…money.

I painted it with Deco Art’s paint that they sent me to use with my buttons from Buttons Galore and More.  The whole design team got lots of great paint, paint brushes and fabulous products to play with.  Oh, how I love my job.

I added buttons for his eyes and head thingies and cheeks with Glue Dots.  The buttons are Black Beauty and  Very Violet from my Laura Kelly collection with Buttons Galore and More.  I think he came out quite green and gorgeous.

Maybe I should have my teenage boys invite friends over and we can have a FRANKENSTEIN party!  We could watch the frightening movie and eat Frankenstein treats and play spooky games.  I will ask them.  They will say no.  Their girlfriends will say yes.  We will have a PARTY!

Happy Painting and Creating,


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