DIY Paint Chip Jack-O-Lantern Patch

I created paint chip Frankenstein today (and his ghost friend too) for Fifteen MINUTE Friday over on the Buttons Galore and More blog and it was so fun I decided to make some Jacks too.  These Jack-O-Lanterns create a super easy, fun and festive patch of decoration for Halloween.

I gathered up my supplies of paint chips, Black Beauty and Green buttons from the Laura Kelly collection, a Sharpie marker and some magnet backs.

I used the Glue Dots to add Black Beauty buttons for eyes and to add the cut out stems and leaves (from paint chips of course).  The I added Candy Apple green buttons on the fronts and added mouths with a Sharpie marker.  Wah-La…adorable Jacks by the handfuls in a matter of minutes.

This is a fabulous project for kids (of all ages).  It is fun, inexpensive and quick.  If you really want to get spooky, make a Frankenstein using the same steps.  The tutorial is over on the Buttons Galore and More blog today.

Happy Creating,


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