Saved and Restored – The Scarlett Red Bench Makeover

This bench has a story.  It has been loved, is loved and will be loved for a long time to come.  You see, it once sat on the porch of a friend’s house…a friend that moved away.  When he moved, he left it in my driveway as it needed some TLC and a total makeover.  It was falling apart (literally nails hanging out) and the paint was chipped up like a crackle site.  I guess he knew I was up for the challenge.  Our kids grew up together in this small town, playing in our yards, drinking lemonade on our porches…sitting on this bench.

Yesterday my teenage son and his friend sanded it and sanded it and sanded it.   I helped a little too because truth is, I love power tools.  The rechargeable Rockwell hand sander is a super cool tool!  I purposefully sanded it unevenly so it could maintain some of its history and character.

Once it was sanded, I rinsed it down to get off the remaining sander dust and set out to pick a color.

I selected red.  I did this because red is perfect for autumn, for Christmas, for Valentines Day and it even matches the geraniums I love for the summer.  It came to the conclusion through the makeover of this bench that red is my year round color.  This morning I made a cup of tea, grabbed two bottles of Rit Dye in Scarlett Red and headed out to the driveway to get to work.  I decided to dye/paint it in the grass.  I covered my hands in Udderly Smooth’s cream first because it works great as a barrier between my skin and the dye.  Plus it makes my hands feel soft and happy.  I used an awesome paint brush by Deco Art which worked perfectly and washed out easily.

I shook up the first bottle of dye then poured it into a small mason jar.  I used a Deco Art craft paint brush to apply the dye from a glass mason jar container.  I applied it generously over the entire bench and then went inside for some…chocolate.

After an hour (to let it soak in), I went back out and applied a second coat to the areas that I wanted to be a little darker or more dramatic.  When that dried, I covered the bench with Krylon’s Colormaster Clear Coat to seal it for the weather.

Ta Da!  I am in love with my Scarlett Red bench.

If you like the before/after shots, this one is for you!

And now, it is time to get busy deciding on how to carve my pumpkin tonight.  They boys may be teenagers now, but they still love to play along with our family traditions.

Happy Doing-It-Yourself,


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