A Purrrrfect Halloween Black Cat Costume

It is amazing what can be done with one black sock and some random craft supplies.  This morning we made a black cat costume for Saige to wear this Halloween that is purrrrfect!

The tips to making this costume are pretty simple.  Saige is wearing one of my husband’s black socks cut into a slip on dress.  The part of the socks where his toes should go became her cap on which we glued ears made of black foam (against painted wooden balls to make them stand up).  Her cat nose is made from a black foam circle with wire hot glued to it for whiskers and an attachment to her head.  The tail is made from rolled up felt that we glued to the sock.

We have had a lot of fun making costumes for dolls this year.  I am not sure what is more fun, making them or dressing the dolls and doing the photo shoots.  Here is another great shot of Saige out in the yard today.

We made another costume for her too and it is being featured on Doll Diaries.  She really does make a lovely ladybug!

If you want to see lots of great costumes for dolls, here are some links to ones that I love.

Happy Halloween to You and Your Dolls,

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