Celebrate Cotton Candy Day with DIY Doll Sized Treats

Yes, it is really Cotton Candy Day, a day that certainly deserves to be recognized as sweet and spectacular.  We created a way to celebrate with our dolls by making them some DIY doll sized treats.  Here is Mackenna sporting her Cre8time pin and sharing her own little bag of cotton candy.  She (like me) is also a fan of people creating everyday and of eating sweet stuff.

We used Fuchsia Rit Dye (used this instead of Petal Pink because polyester doesn’t take the color too fabulously and we wanted to get a light pink) and Poly-fil to create our lookalike cotton candy.  To get started we added Fuchsia Rit Dye to HOT water in a mason jar (half and half) then put in a handful of the Poly-fil.

Then we put the lid on the jar and shook it up and bunch of times.  When it was all covered as much as polyester will saturate (which is not much), we took it out with tongs and let it dry completely before it in plastic with a skewer sticking out for a stick.

Ta Da…cotton candy for the dolls to celebrate this big day.  We used Westcott scissors to trim our embroidery floss to tie a pretty bow.

For lots of other fun doll ideas, visit Doll Diaries!

If you want to win a bottle of Fuschia Rit Dye, Pink Embroidery Floss and a baggy of Poly-fil so you make your own; leave a comment on this blog and you might be the randomly drawn winner.  3 winners will be drawn on December 14th at 8 pm and announced on my Facebook page.

Happy Creating,


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