Dye Up Some Holiday Doll Sized Fashion

Tis the season to dye up some holiday doll sized fashion!  Creating colorful fun is so simple and fun with Rit Dye.  We had it all out to create a doll sized tree skirt for Doll Diaries and decided to dye some bandanas we got at Walmart too.  Walmart also has a great selection of Rit Dye.  We ended up with masterpieces worthy of sharing.  Isn’t Emma adorable in her bandana wrap?

If you want to make these, you will need cotton bandanas, Rit Dye in the colors of your choice (we used Apple Green and Scarlett Red) and trimming.  We found our awesome burlap trims at M & J Trimmings in NYC.  They have an awesome online shop.

To dye the bandanas, we used rubber bands and different tie dye techniques.  For ideas, I recommend visiting the new Rit Studio to be totally inspired with ways to use the dyes.  We dipped them in our HOT dye baths and then threw them each in the microwave for 45 seconds to set the color.

After we took the rubber bands off, we rinsed COMPLETELY then set them out to dry.

We used one to wrap around Emma for the holiday wrap and then added a burlap trim scarf.  The other three bandanas were used to wrap doll sized gifts and tied up in more burlap trims.  They look amazing and the recipient will not only get the gift inside, but the beautiful hand dyed bandana too.

This week Rit Dye is proud to be partnering with Doll Diaries to share lots of fun projects and ways to create holiday color and cheer.  There is a giveaway contest too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter and maybe you will be the lucky winner of the Rit Dye, Buttons from Buttons Galore and $50 to IKEA (where you can get so many awesome dye-able things)!

Happy Colorful Christmas,


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