Adorable Gift Wrapping with Recycled Grocery Bags and Buttons

I love to recycle and make use of items that might otherwise go in the trash, especially grocery bags.  Secretly, I ask for paper because I love to wrap with them.  I wrapped LOTS of gifts today in recycled bags and got out my Ad-tech glue gun, Laura Kelly buttons from Buttons Galore and twine that Canvas Corp sent me to play with.  This is what I came up with.

I started with this!

After I wrapped the gifts, I gathered my favorite two colors of Laura Kelly buttons from Buttons Galore for the holidays, Radical Red and Candy Apple Green.  I especially love the one for Anna where I glued the buttons on first and then wrapped the twine around them.

I love the way they came out.  My favorite though is for Jordan.  It is just so…elegant.  I tied twine around the gift and then threaded some through to tie on the button.


I ended up using candy canes to create ornaments too.  This is what I did.  I simply used hot glue to put them together and then tied twine on them to give them a finishing touch.  Find out what I did with them on the Buttons Galore Fifteen MINUTE Friday blog.

Cute, don’t you think?

Happy Making and Creating A Magical Christmastime,

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