Recycled Olive Jar Turned Valentines Day Flower Vase

It only takes a few minutes, a handful of Radical Red buttons from my Laura Kelly collection with Buttons Galore and some hot glue to turn an olive jar into a beautiful flower vase for Valentines Day.

Ryp loves green olives and he puts them in his lunch salad almost every day.  I caught him thinking about throwing out the jar today and I kindly requested that he wash it and give it to me.  He did.  He is great that way.  I used Ad-Tech hot glue and made a heart on it shaped with Radical Red buttons.

Then I tied some twine to the top of it to create a messy fun bow. (I spy a Cre8time buttons in my craft stash.)

When I finished he was out running errands so I called him to tell him that I made a vase but it needed flowers.  He arrived home a bit later with a bouquet.  He is great that way too.  I filled the jar/vase with water and added a little Cherry Red Rit Dye to color it then assembled the flowers.  Ta Da.  I love it, especially the heart made of buttons.

We used it for a centerpiece at dinner tonight and turned our quick dinner in the studio into a romantic evening…well sort of anyway.

I love when I can recycle something so simple and create such fun and connection.  Cheers to jars, flowers, buttons and great guys.

Happy Creating,


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