Recycle Girl Scout Cookie Boxes Into A Photo Booth

We LOVE Girl Scout cookies and boy (or should I say GIRL) do they get eaten up quickly around here.  With two scouts in the house (a Brownie and a Junior) we are up to big sales this year, earning money for troops and Girl Scout summer camp.  We decided to make good use of the empty boxes and recycle them into something useful to support our cause so we made a photo booth!  After all “Girls Can Do Anything” and recycling matters bunches!

Lucky for us, I won an awesome prize from Elmer’s at CHA in January and received a tool box FILLED with a craft stash.  We grabbed out what we were going to need and got to work.

We used a large piece of black Elmer’s Foam Board and cut out the center to make a frame.  Then we used the inside piece to mount word bubbles with supportive saying on them.  We wrote the saying with a Sharpie marker (My Laura Kelly Sharpie Squad one of course) and then mounted them with Elmer’s Tape Runner.  To cut them out we used an X-Acto knife (adults only!).

We decorated them up a bit with a red outline around the bubble using an Elmer’s Painter paint pen!

We cut the cookie boxes up and used the front of the boxes to make the decorations for the frame corners (and the other 2 for antennas on a prop).  The X-Acto Precision Scissors were awesome for cutting cardboard.

J was the first to test the frame.

The Z. was right behind her testing the antennas and the eye wear props that we made from the backs of the boxes.  Of course she picked Thin Mints because she LOVES them.

They even got Piper to pose!  Silly dog.

Selling Girl Scout cookies teaches girls a lot!  They learn about planning, organizing and setting goals.  They learn about money and how it works in our world.  They practice having character; being kind and respectful as they sell even when turned down, being responsible for their sales and their results whether goals are met, and having self discipline to follow through on commitments.

If a girl rings your doorbell and asks you to buy her cookies, she is really asking you to support her as a young woman.  The few dollars you spend pay for WAY more than a sugar rush.  Your money empowers the next generation of girls to be powerful, successful and proud.

Check out our video from the amazing day!

Girls Can Do ANYTHING!

Proud to be a Lifelong Girl Scout,



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