Dr. Seuss Cupcake “Things”

Yay!  It is time for craft lightning again!

The theme is Dr. Seuss and these little “Things” cupcakes are mad simple to create!

Use boxed vanilla cake mix and color it red with food coloring then bake cupcakes, either big or mini.  If you can find red liners, they are awesome for this.

Then frost them with white and add candy eyes then cotton candy (blue) for hair.

To make the “Thing” numbers I used Sharpie marker on card stock and cut them out while the cupcakes were cooking.

I even baked the extra batter in a jar and did it up special and a giant love “Thing”.

Dr. Seuss stuff is the best!!!

Happy Baking,



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    Laura, don’t forget to submit this to Fun Family Crafts! I’ve been promoting the Dr. Seuss section and these are really cute!


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