Button Rainbows with Silver Lines Clouds

This was soooo fun to make and so simple and just great for creating BRIGHT cheery hope.  The button rainbows with silver lined clouds are also a fun little project for St. Patrick’s Day.  I love the way it is hanging in my studio to remind me to be BRIGHT!

You will need buttons in the colors of the rainbow.  I got all of mine out of one of my Laura Kelly Assortment bags from Buttons Galore and More.  You can get a bag here!

You will also need white felt (I love Kunin), white embroidery floss, thin silver wire and Tulip brand metallic fabric paint from I Love To Create.  First stitch two little clouds together.  To make them puffy, add a little piece of felt on the inside.

Then string wire with your buttons in the color of the rainbow.  To make little spirals, you can wrap the wire around a pencil.

Stick the ends of the wire into the clouds and twist the ends in there to make them stay.  Then add your silver lining with the Tulip silver paint.

You can make buttons flowers too.  Next week on Doll Diaries I will be sharing just how adorable this flower really is!

Here is a fun little free printable of some rainbow too, just in case you want to use them to paper craft or get creative all on your own.  You can download it here.


Ta Da!

Happy Creating Colorful Love,


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