Elmer’s Glue and Watercolor Lucky Rainbow Mobile

We love to doodle around this house, especially with school glue. It creates such a great 3d outline for using when watercolor painting.  Yesterday we created a mobile using watercolor paper, Elmer’s Glue and watercolor paints (and sparkle Mod Podge so the clouds would shine).

First we doodled our designs on watercolor paper with the glue then let it dry completely.

Next we used watercolor paints (from Ikea) to add the colors.  Z painted the rainbow.

One color at a time…

Blending as she went!  Then she added Sparkle Mod Podge to the clouds to make them glittery.

I painted the other page with the shamrocks and the word “lucky”!

When they were dry, we cut them out and tied them together into the mobile.  It is pretty fun hanging on our wall to celebrate the month of March.

With the leftover blue watercolor paper from around the rainbow, we created a little sparkle masterpiece for our big art wall.  Can you spot it?

Happy Bright Rainbow Creating,


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