Kid Art – Chicks in the Grass Paintings

We had so much fun making these paintings that I can’t wait to get this post up and have it shared.  We have tons of craft and art books and we took a couple of ideas from one of books with Easter ideas and mixed them together.

This is the book we used for inspiration.  It is filled with awesome ideas and lots of them work well together to mix and match techniques.

We gathered up our supplies to create then got started.  It is always a good idea when creating with children to make sure you have everything you need before you begin!

The first step is to cut our circles for your chicks from cardboard or thick paper and tape them with tape balls to a large sheet of white paper.

Next you make a stamp for grass by wrapping yarn around a piece of foam or wood.  Once the yarn is taped on, you are ready to dip in paint and stamp away all over the whole sheet of paper, right OVER the circle you taped.

Let that dry completely before removing the circles.  Then paint with yellow watercolors (or crayons or colored pencils) to fill in the circles and make them chick bodies.

Last, add your details with Sharpie markers, giving them beaks, legs, eyes and wings.

I love them so much that we framed them and put them in the entry hallway for springtime.

Happy Painting,



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