Recycle Jeans Into Studio Organization

This is one of the funnest projects I have created to date.  I cut up a pair of jeans that all of the kids have outgrown and turned the denim (and the back pockets) into something useful.  I love it because it creates studio organization, because it is bright, but mostly because I have beautiful memories of the girls wearing these little pants with ruffly pockets.  I LOVE when I can recycle this way.

I cut the jeans up into rectangles that measure about 5 inches by 3 and also cut out the back pockets.

Then I cut felt pieces (Kunin Felt of Course) to back them and add color, adhering them together with Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue in the centers.

The next step was to paint the letters to spell C.R.E.A.T.E. and decorate the pockets.  I used Tulip Brand Fabric Paints from I Love to Create for this.

I stitched buttons from my Laura Kelly collection with Buttons Galore to the pieces and the pockets to create hangers.  I also stitched some old curtain rings into ribbon pieces to create hangers that could hold items.

The pockets are my FAVORITEST of all.  They are holding two very important things that I need daily and often can’t get my hands on quickly….business cards and SHARPIE markers.  I added to them with some Scribbles Puffy Paint.

I love the way it works on the wall beside my desk in my studio.  To hang the pieces, I used a decorative curtain rod.

I guess what I am saying, is I LOVE IT! Simply put, I love to create!!!

Happy Creating,


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