DIY Button Headband For Girls and Dolls

This crafty little creative fashion DIY is great because the finished product fits girls and dolls.  Buttons are the “in” thing so that makes this project a winner in my book.

You will need a premade stretchy headband, Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue and Buttons….that is it.  I, of course, used my Laura Kelly BRIGHTS collection of buttons from Buttons Galore and More.

I put the headband around a little clear box to hold it in place.

So cute, don’t you think.  The great thing is that is stretches enough to fit girls too (and me)!

I made buttons shoes for dolls and the tutorial is coming to Doll Diaries next week.  They are so cute.



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  1. 10

    Kaitlyn says

    That’s so cute!!!! Honestly the only reason I came to this site was for a contest, but now I’m so glad I did! This headband is super cute!! I’m going to see if I have tghe stuff to make it later.

  2. 19

    Meghan Malicoat says

    This is very cute and something I could easily do with my daughter who loves crafting.

  3. 22

    heather says

    This is such a great idea and it looks great on the doll. Also it looks fun to make with the kids.

  4. 24


    What a cute idea!!! I need to make some for sure. I love buttons as an accessory. I have several button necklaces and earrings that I’ve made. :)

  5. 25


    I used to have a t-shirt made for me with 100 antique buttons and this reminds me of that. I wish I would have had the headband myself when I had the shirt :)

  6. 32

    cheryl says

    My granddaughter will love making this headband with me for her American Girl dolls. Thank you so much for sharing. Love the buttons!!!

  7. 34

    Jeane Campbell says

    That is stinkin’ cute! Going to do this with my grand daughter. One for each of her AG dolls! And I have the buttons from my scrapin’ stash! Perfect ~

  8. 37

    June S. says

    (DIY Button Headband For Girls and Dolls) What a great and cheap way to make a few extra things for your doll, love the idea! :)

  9. 40

    Korianne says

    I actually saw the shoes post first and I adore that there are matching shoes and headbands.

  10. 41

    Rebecca HM. says

    This is a very good idea, I am going to have to do this with my girls. If all goes well than I could do this with my nieces as well. Thank you for posting.


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