Halloween POPCORN Box Blog Hop

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  There are so many ways to be creative including costumes and parties, books and movies, recipes and treats, tricks and scares!   2014 is the second year that creative bloggers have upcycled popcorn boxes that I sent them into fabulous masterpieces!  It us uplifting and inspiring to see just how unique each box.

Check them out!

Last year was pretty fabulous too.  Here is the link-up from 2013.

These designers were invited to take a plain popcorn box and use it to design something creative, fun and unique…with whatever supplies, product and techniques they like best.  This is the objective that was shared with them. “The objective is to create in whatever way you like best with whatever products you like to feature and simply be a part of something fun…something that connects your passion to those passions of others.” A plain box was mailed to each designer, along with some buttons from my Laura Kelly collection at Buttons Galore.

The designers were informed that they could…

  • Paper Craft It
  • Paint It
  • Cover It in Fabric
  • Decopauge
  • Stitch Through It
  • Fill It With A Special Recipe Treat
  • Burn It

Being creative is such a great way to live life.  Even if you are super busy and feel like your creativity is less than par, it makes a difference to access it and stimulate your brain through crafting, cooking, baking and making things.  For more information about creativity, check out Cre8time and get yourself going!  They have it going on.

Happy Popping and Haunting and Creating!!!

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